About us

Riff Guru was conceived by Sidharth, an award winning guitar player who also composed music  for a film that qualified for Academy Awards/BAFTA nomination.

What began as basic Guitar training, soon flourished across three continents and went on to train over 100 students.

Today Riff Guru is one of Bengaluru's foremost Guitar learning centers with a

structured set of programs across basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

From classical Carnatic Sangeetham to Beethoven, Kishore Kumar

and SPB, Soft Rock to Metal, Jazz, Reggae and Blues, the

exposure has made Sidharth experiment with most music genres.

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in 

Visual Communications from St. Joseph’s College, he majored in Music Production and

Instrumentation from the Nathaniel School of Music.

Sidharth has been a sessions and lead guitarist with various bands in Bengaluru.

He also manages a professional studio for ad jingles, audio editing and sound engineering and has won many accolades.